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Nakao Sasuke Collection

中尾佐助資料 メイン画像

In the Library and Science Information Center, a significant volume of research materials and books belonging to the late Sasuke Nakao, professor emeritus at Osaka Prefecture University, are preserved. Professor Nakao was a noted advocate of the East Asian evergreen forest culture theory and the proponent of the original theory on the genealogy of agriculture.

写真  The Nakao Sasuke Collection comprises books on ethnobotany and thremmatology, which were Professor Nakao's primary research fields. Owing to the wide scope of his investigations into human activities, ranging from cultivation to food consumption, his collection includes the results of his worldwide field investigations as well as those of his research on food and food culture.
 The old series (about 3,500 books and 60 magazine titles) of the Nakao Sasuke Collection are registered in our university library and are located at the Nakao Sasuke Corner. We receive many requests to use this section. These books and magazine titles form a distinctive collection in the Asian Materials Section in the Library and Science Information Center.

The materials are classified and organized. The catalogue "Index of Sasuke Nakao's literature and materials窶粘ource of the East Asian evergreen forest culture theory" (H9.3, 159p; Osaka Prefecture University General Information Center, former name: Library and Science Information Center) has been published and distributed to individuals associated with academic conferences or institutions.