• rare book(emaki)

Rare book The Library and Science Information Center has collected about 14.500 Japanese books 
and antiquarian books. Some of these books of academically high value are displayed here.
Most of the books were collected by or donated to the Osaka Prefecture University’s 
predecessors:, Osaka-fu-Joshi-Senmongakko (大阪府女子専門学校) and Osaka Women’s University.

  • Emaki (Picture Scrolls)
  • Eiri-bon(Illustrated Books)
  • Books bound in Japanese style
  • Materials about Western Studies
  • Autograph Manuscripts of Authors
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  • Other Articles

 (Picture Scrolls)

Picture Scroll which Describes the Origin of Dojo-ji Temple
Dojo-ji Temple owns two volumes of "The Complete Works of Japanese Picture Scrolls". These two are said to have been completed during the Muromachi Era. The works displayed here were faithfully replicated by painters from the Tosa School during the Edo Era.
Picture Scroll of Monogusa Taro
Muromachi-Era Story
The work was converted into a scroll from book form. It is 10 meters and 73 centimeters long.